Life enhancement and extension with Adaptogens + Tonic herbs

Do you want more energy? Better stamina? Is stress robbing you of happiness and productive work time? Do you feel like your fuse is too short?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you might like to hear some of our experiences in the use of herbs called Adaptogens. I simply would not have survived the last 2 years preceding this article if not for these amazing ancient tonic herbs and their support.

More POWER when challenged

I have certainly felt my reserves of power going up, even in the face of extreme mental pressure and stress. Adaptogenic tonic herbs like Rhodiola, Tienchi Ginseng, Suma and Schizandra berries will not only give you higher octane fuel to burn each day, they will gradually enlarge your fuel tank!

Working with your natural reserves and encouraging them to grow is where these herbs really come into their own. Jiaogulan has been revered for centuries in its native China as a life extension herb, coming from its strong anti-oxidant capacity.

More CALM when pushed. Live with moods that YOU CONTROL

Not the other way around… Do you remind your family and friends more of ‘The Hulk’ than the unflappable Yoda? Do you yearn for a little more peace, both internally and with others?

Most of us live with constantly rising stress levels, like a tide that never really goes out. Higher and higher each year… sound familiar? We need ways to excrete this stress load, both old stress and the week to week grind we all have to face.

Tonic herbs like Gotu Kola and Schizandra work together with Galangal and Turmeric to help the nervous system move old stress loads, and harbour less of the stress build up that loads up our nervous system day to day. They do this both on a physical and mental level.

Be able to FOCUS with more CLARITY. Have more STRENGTH for each day

Jiaogulan and Rhodiola work alongside Guarana and Gotu Kola to improve your ability to focus on essential tasks, while enjoying the clarity of thought needed to do things once, and do them well.

Gingko leaf aids in recall and learning, while promoting clear thinking. Each of these adaptogenic tonic herbs have been used for thousands of years to promote physical strength and endurance, too.

Tienchi Ginseng has been used since antiquity to give that extra performance ‘edge’… it does this by enhancing our physical and nervous systems in a natural and supportive way.

Enhance immune system RESILIENCE

Everyone wants to keep their immune system ‘tuned up’, don’t we? Making it stronger or giving it more resilience is just good practice in this world full of infectious issues.

Feeling more strong in this vital area leaves you much more at peace when you need to navigate situations that previously would have left you infected.

You can lower your hyperactive body systems, while raising and strengthening your weak areas. I’ve done this for myself, and as someone who would previously catch EVERYTHING going around + then keep it for 8-12 weeks I can tell you: The feeling that your immune system is strong enough to deal with life is a great blessing!

Each and every tonic herb in this set will have distinct actions on how your immune system works. There is enough in just this for a full book, but briefly, some of the effects you can expect are anti inflammatory, immune strengthening, anti bacterial, anti viral, cell strengthening, anti oxidant, blood building, liver cleansing, bone strengthening, brain protecting, circulation boosting, digestion assisting and detoxification support.

Recover lost SEXUAL POTENCY and drive

Our bodies measure incoming and residual stress very accurately. When we have a body that is approaching its own inbuilt limit of 100% stress load, it’s very difficult to think of intimacy with any drive or enthusiasm.

Looking at the previous effects shown, however, you can see why having more strength available to us would be good for sex drive and enjoyment… more than that, though, herbalists have been prescribing tonics like Schizandra berries for waning sex drive for thousands of years.

Useful in cases of low libido, premature ejaculation, dryness and lack of stamina. It has been shown to increase sensitivity where needed, and will also enhance the production of sexual fluids in both men and women.

Tulsi also helps hormonal systems self regulate, and enhance drive for men and women. Suma provides benefits to both sexes in arousal and fertility.

Discover new areas of JOY and fulfillment

Regular use of adaptogenic tonic herbs will gift you a life that feels LESS STRESSFUL. (EVEN if all your external issues stay the same!!!) These benefits and many more have been verified by doctors and patients, herbal masters and students, young and old men and women around the globe.

I can attest to these benefits myself, and will continue using them daily for myself and my family. Many repeat refills through the clinic all have the above benefits in common for those taking them, and the anecdotal reports of successes are as varied as the problems facing our customers.

Longer times between sickness, shorter bouts of illnesses if hit by something, easier recovery, better mental stability and more day to day joy are just a few of the results our clients have found for themselves.

Adaptogens are here to stay, and with thousands of years of study and information on most of them, you can trust the benefits you’ll feel. Current scientific research has been verifying these historical records since the 1950’s. I encourage you to try our personal blend, please click here:

Our life enhancing blend contains: Jiaogulan for longevity and antioxidant power, Rhodiola for endurance and energy, GotuKola for mental clarity and brain support, Suma for sexual support and fatigue reduction, Guarana for energy and clarity of thought, Cayenne pepper + Hawthorn berries for circulatory health, Schizandra berries for nervous system support and sexual drive, Tienchi Ginseng for endurance and healing, Galangal and turmeric for immune support and anti-inflammation, Gingko leaf for mental clarity + learning ability and Tulsi for hormonal resilience. Comes in gelatin capsules. All ingredients are organic or wild crafted, no fillers, binders or mess.