Natto is a Superfood

Organic Natto Powder Capsules, made in our Melbourne Clinic.

Get your dose of Vitamin K2 from our wonderful organic natto… as a whole food it gives a wider range of nutrients that support the actions of the main ingredient, Nattokinase.

Boost your nattokinase levels and feel the benefits… anywhere from 2-5 capsules per day helps our clinic clients IMMENSELY. Yes, you could go to the trouble of sourcing it fresh, and take a daily 'dose' that way,

Vitamin K2 has a wide range of excellent health benefits. Looking back through history, natto has long been rightly seen as a superfood. Modern medical research definitely showcases these benefits:

It helps calcium avoid going into all the wrong places and makes sure it gets into all places you need it to stay. Calcium deposition is a large problem for many today, making body wide problems that mimic many different illnesses.

The active ingredients in Natto help keep calcium out of your kidneys, where it would help cause kidney stones, keeps it out of your blood vessels, where it would make circulatory issues. If you have improper calcium load in your muscles you will end up with much higher muscle tension than you want.

Nattokinase acts like a conductor, driving calcium to where it really NEEDS to go. While it helps you avoid problem areas for calcium buildup, it helps it to load your calcium back into your bones and teeth, making your bones stronger and your teeth more resistant to cavities.

Regular natto intake helps you make insulin and remain more sensitive to insulin. This means it acts to stabilize your blood sugar, provides help with managing type 2 diabetes, and acts to boost your metabolism. Who doesn’t want a more robust metabolism? What about better control of blood sugar? Yes please!

Natto promotes sexual health by helping you make more useful sex hormones. (and yes, this applies to both men and women!)

Natto has been shown to increase testosterone and fertility in males, and regularly eating it helps bring the high levels of male hormones found in some women back down to normal.

It improves exercise performance by helping you make energy during bouts of physical activity. One of the original groups that popularized Natto? Samurai warriors in feudal Japan! When their lives depended on endurance and strength in a swordfight, they chose Natto as a food based energy supplement, and you can too…

You can also expect help from a digestion point of view, too. Natto has long been used as a digestive aid, and is full of good probiotic strains. It's a robust probiotic, and will happily help your digestion optimize itself.

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