Using our Purified Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide (H2o2 for short) has been around as long as there has been rainfall, but only within the last century have ways of making it commercially and concentrating it been readily available. (usually you're looking for Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 35%, but lucky you! you found an even better option!)

Despite the fact that it is a component of your own immune system, and that you yourself make it when threatened by invaders, in its concentrated form it needs some care taken when handling it. Use common sense and you’ll do fine.

Your 500ml peroxide order will arrive in a 1 litre bottle, for safe postage. (No, it is not 'missing half')

Please always use eye protection and be careful if pouring it. Use a washing glove on the hand holding the container, and slowly decant into a smaller glass container for ease of use.

Some peroxide burns on fingers are possible, but the whiteness and stinging will go away within an hour. Care needs to be taken to avoid this, but it is only an inconvenience. Our purified peroxide is the same strength as normal food grade hydrogen peroxide, only cleaner.

Current laws in Australia prevent me from telling you the medical benefits of this product, and stop me from revealing exactly how to use it, but all you need to do is look at your copy of The One Minute Cure to see what needs to be done and the results achieved by others.

Many hundreds of thousands of people all over the world have safely and effectively 'researched' this method with only a few simple precautions taken. Most have found remarkable benefits, with some few only reporting a slight lift in general wellbeing.

The book itself is quite entertaining, and very thought provoking. Please be sure to read it as many times as you need to firmly imprint the info... It contains all the instructions needed. Once you've given it a read or two, if there are still things you don't understand then please let us know. One of our team will get back to you asap.

Please keep this product upright in the fridge, as it will store best that way. You can easily decant it into a smaller jar for ease of use, glass is best, failing that, HDPE plastic will be fine. (these two types of container only, please.)

If you feel you would like to go over your personal situation and get some tailored advice on either following The One Minute Cure or looking at more general health support, please book in a phone consult, we'll be happy to help wherever we can.