SCENAR Therapy in Melbourne

Have you ever wished you could energize and revitalize your healing potential? With SCENAR you can.

Our inbuilt, natural healing mechanisms can be stimulated to relieve pain and motivate healing. Using SCENAR, we can assist your body to heal itself faster and more completely.

If your body cannot completely heal a problem, it can linger for years as a persistent ache, pain or loss of function. This is because you were forced to adapt to living with a half healed issue!

Stop dealing with “half-healed” problems every day, and let us help you move towards a full resolution by using SCENAR therapy to search out unresolved problems. SCENAR therapy can help you move out of ‘The cycle of Illness’ and into the cycle of health! Function can be restored.

If your body is unable to finish a cycle of healing, you will repeatedly feel those symptoms related to it, again and again! Do you feel symptoms coming on then going away again, only to return once more?

SCENAR can help resolve these underlying issues by providing healing impetus to complete your body’s efforts to fix itself.

We also provide nutritional guidelines so your body can be abundantly supplied with the ‘raw materials’ to bring healing episodes to completion faster.

SUPPORT your body using SCENAR treatment, and you’ll see that symptoms finish when function is restored. It’s what your body wanted all along…

Book in a session with us today, and start your growth towards healing! If you can get to see us in Frankston, Melbourne, then I'm sure we can help you.

Each SCENAR session relies on your body telling us where it most needs help, through advanced active bio-feedback mechanisms. Only the points of BEST focus are used in treatment.

The emphasis is on health, not disease.

We direct the body’s energy to where it is most useful, and supporting the body while it heals itself.

To do this, SCENAR communicates closely with the nervous system and endocrine system to stimulate production of healing agents and release strength kept in ‘holding patterns’ by the body.

The SCENAR is a small, handheld unit that is applied directly to skin. You may feel a slight tingling sensation, as the device brushes over your skin.

No ‘deep tissue massage’ work is ever needed. The treatment is not invasive but gentle.

Please book with us soon to start activating YOUR healing potential! Are you on the Mornington Peninsula? Melbourne? We're based in Frankston, and we work with clients all over the state.